Bartow Paving company is a family business that started in 1950. A third-generation company, Bartow Paving is owned and managed by three brothers. The company offers general paving contracting services. All services are performed in-house, and our specialties include the following:

Machineon alphalt.jpg

•  Asphalt paving: We maintain a full line of asphalt Support equipment to provide all paving needs. The company performs Construction services for the GDOT, municipalities, government work, private developments, schools, as well as a full range of paving activities Including material transfer devices. 

•  GAB construction base crews: We provide a full service line of motor graders and base (GAB, graded aggregate base) Installation type construction & crews. We specialize in prepping and proof rolling and stabilization in preparation for asphalt and concrete. We work with all Types Geo-engineers In conjunction with our work.

 •  Concrete construction: We specialize in curb and gutter construction, machine curb and gutter handwork Sidewalks, Mountable Island's and all types of DOT concrete construction.

•  Asphalt Milling: We perform a full range of asphalt milling and removal. We have a wide variety of machinery for this service.

•  Soil stabilization: We perform soil stabilization through implementing Portland or Lime into existing materials to provide an economic result for stabilizing unsuitable materials.

•  Grading crews: We have a wide variety of equipment to perform all types of dirt moving, excavating, and placement for any type project.

•  Pipe installation: We specialize in installing concrete pipe of all sizes and corrugated metal pipe, in order to perform any type of drainage needs.

•  Trucking and transport: We have a fleet of dump trucks of all types to supply materials to our projects and crews.

•  Estimating and project management: We employed qualified personnel to take care of all projects from management to quoting prices. We thrive on delivering projects on time under budget and with quality.

•  Safety: We are OSHA certified and are certified in all areas of this type construction. We employee 30-hour OSHA certified  in-house safety personnel to ensure our projects are completed safely for the benefit of not only our employees, but also you the customer.