Bartow Paving Company, Inc. was founded in 1950 by George Edward Shropshire, Sr. The company was originally a mining and construction company. They used its by-product for surface treatment production in the surrounding counties and municipalities throughout the state of Georgia. In 1968, George Shropshire, Jr. invested in the area’s first asphalt production plant in Cartersville Georgia. Interstate I-75 brought growth and opportunity, which encouraged the development of Bartow County and surrounding communities. Connections from Chattanooga to Atlanta brought growth to the company, establishing it as one of the major paving contractors in Georgia.


In 1998 Bartow Paving invested in a state-of-the-art asphalt production facility and continued to grow in the construction development and construction business. With the up-and-down's in the economy over the last few years, the company has grown and has diversified into all sections of construction development. The DOT has been one of the major focuses of the company, allowing for hundreds of projects to be successfully completed throughout the years.


With the growth over the years, we have evolved and modified our main purpose and concept. We are now a mainstream corporation in the all aspects of road construction, servicing the North Georgia area. Third-generation sons manage the company, each with a distinct place in the business. Bartow Paving partners with major developers and state-of-the-art engineering, offering growth and commercial potential into the area.

The company continues to reach out and reinvest into new technologies and personnel to continue its growth and leadership position in the North Georgia and surrounding communities.


George Edward Shropshire, III, Graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering and additional emphasis in construction management. Chip is the President, and manages the financial and administrative aspects of the company. He resides with his family in Cartersville, and continues to strive for new innovation.

Charles Andrew Shropshire Sr., Graduate of University of Georgia with a bachelors degree in Real Estate. Andrew lives in Rome Georgia with his family. He is the Chief Operations Officer of the company. Andrew oversees the day-to-day operations and overall quality control and master plan for the future of the company.

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